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Most Kiwi business owners who sell online want to make better business decisions guided by accurate financial information so they can grow a sustainable business and free up their time doing tasks they don’t want to do.

But the financial systems they have are complicated, time-consuming and don’t give them the details they need to know where to make investments in their business.

Decryption Financial System Strategy and Bookkeeping are e-commerce specialists helping you unlock the cash flow secrets of your business by giving you the financial information you need to achieve sustainable business growth and spend time doing the things you love.

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The right systems

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The right information

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The right actions

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  • At the start of 2020 we were getting busier and needed to outsource our bookkeeping requirements. Seeing Donna had helped implement most of our Xero systems she was the perfect candidate to take it on. After a quick and easy transition, she took the load and stress of the business bookkeeping off us and carries out the work seamlessly. She patiently nudges us to find receipts and has our books in great order and helps us streamline our accounting and management processes. I would highly recommend Donna and Decryption.

    Michelle Leonard – LC Designer Homes

  • Before Decryption, bookkeeping was a task I dreaded. I would procrastinate for as long as possible, then fumble around last-minute to try and piece things together. Now, I never think about it. Decryption gives me the peace of mind that my bookkeeping is done right, freeing up my time to focus on growing my business.

    Daniel Adams – Envelope Group

  • We have been working with Donna for over a year now. She has been amazing right from the get go - making my accounting system a breeze and everything works seamlessly in our back end! Nothing is a hassle and I can honestly say this was the best decision I made outsourcing the work to Donna & her team to do our bookkeeping. Outstanding service - 10/10!

    Paige Burgess – Studio Black

  • As a start up business with so much to juggle at any one time, the team at Decryption has made the whole process of keeping our accounts up to date and compliant for reporting. Such a weight lifted from our shoulders to know that this is in hand and dealt with accurately, efficiently and on time. I wholeheartedly recommend Donna and the team at Decryption.

    Alistair Kirk – Co-Founder, Beach Booch

  • After posting on a Facebook page about having trouble finding an automated solution for syncing up my Shopify and Xero accounts. Donna reached out to me and offered some advice. I had searched high and low and asked other accountants if they had a solution, but it was not within their expertise. Donna and her team were able to sort everything out for me and they saved me from a massive headache!

    Todd – Beauty and the Wind

  • With my company going through a period of rapid growth I needed my accounts to be right up to date, so I could pull reports and know exactly where things were at. Having talked with Donna at length I could see that the smartest way forward was to have the team sort out the backlog and re-organise our systems, then have them take over our day-to-day bookkeeping. It was a decision that has taken a huge amount of stress off my shoulders and it’s a dream to log into Xero and see all the accounts magically up to date.

    F. Lane – Goodings Laboratory

  • I find Donna and the team very easy to deal with. As the business has become more and more complex, they have continued to work alongside us to ensure systems and processes have adapted to be as user friendly and as efficient as possible. Basically accounts/accounting shouldn’t be something a business owner has to think about very much, and this can only happen if you have full trust in your accounting team, of which I very much do. Low hassle, efficient and onto it is how I would describe working with Decryption.

    Jude Salisbury – Abeeco

  • I’ve been working with Donna and more recently her team for nearly three years. When I set up my PR consultancy, I had no previous experience running a business or using Xero. Donna was recommended to me by an old colleague and has been such a huge help in operating and setting up Xero and increasing my financial awareness. She is always on hand to answer my multitude of questions and always makes me feel heard, helped, and empowered.

    Luci Marshall – Rise & Shine PR

  • I started working with Donna about 10 years ago after my business started to increase in size and accounting complexity. Doing the day-to-day accounts wasn’t my forte and I didn’t want to be spending time doing it when I could be using that time to develop and manage my business.

    Donna knows my businesses well and is very thorough. She is always quick to offer suggestions or advice to improving the current systems and processes too. I take comfort in knowing that the accounting side of my businesses are well managed and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Donna and her team from Decryption to any business owner.

    Scott Rice – Quantum Events/Puhoi Beer

  • An injury soon after starting our business meant I just couldn't keep up with everything and something had to give - it couldn't be customer service, so it was bookkeeping. Fast forward a couple of years and it was a right mess. Out of desperation to get back on top of it, we got Donna involved and she has been amazing and patient at helping us get it all cleaned up and put processes in place to keep it clean. We are very grateful for her help.

    Joy Wintour – The Yarn Queen

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